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Saturday, August 30, 2008

1119 Von Phister St. - Key West - Bank Owned

This foreclosure stuff is starting to get personal. Just Listed: 1119 Von Phister Street in the Casa Marina Area of Key West. I'll be your lucky neighbor. I live next door. These are neighboring homes CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK.

Let me tell you about the house and why I think it is a great buy. And let me tell you about the neighborhood and why you might just want to live there.

The original house is constructed of Indian Blocks, a building material used in maybe 30 of the older homes in Key West. The man who owned the house before the last owner added room after room during a time when there either was no building code or there was no enforcement of building codes. The lot is huge and the house and the structures on the lot were many and very strange. That man passed away and when the most recent owners bought the house the additions and contraptions were removed. What was left was the core of the original house and a huge lot. Other than the exterior walls in the front, everything is new.

The recent owner was a perfectionist and demanded that everything be constructed perfectly. No matter the cost. Much of the inside was hand crafted elsewhere and on spot. As a result I don't think you will find this home to be filled with materials available at Home Depot or Lowes. 1119 Von Phister is in a class of its own.

Click each word or phrase to see parts of this home: Greatroom -- Great room and dining alcove -- Kitchen -- Pool and rear deck -- Pool and spa -- View from second floor front balcony
-- Bath second floor front -- Master bedroom and sitting room -- View from master bedroom -- Master bedroom balcony -- Master bathroom -- First floor front bedroom -- First floor bath

The house is aggressively priced to sell now at $1,895,000 or at $666 per sq ft. For you readers who like to pick at prices I would suggest you consider the quality of the finishes and the size of the lot before you carp over the per sq ft price. I think the price is aggressive because it is priced below a two week old appraisal. The price shows the bank owner wants to sell this property now. And if you read the fine print in the link below you will see that the lender-owner may offer Seller Financing.

There is a huge old Mahogany tree at the front of 1119 Von Phister. I have one in front of my house and there are several others on our block. Many of the houses are quite old but renovated. The block looks stable, as in real people who take care of their homes live here. The house is a five minute walk or take a bike ride to the Atlantic Ocean and the beach. This is the real deal my friend. And the good thing is you won't have any sand in your feet by the time you walk back home. Of course you can ride your bike or drive your car or scooter.

You can also walk or bike over to Duval Street(5 minutes); or go down to the shops on White Street like Faustos or go to the Island Gym and watch me lift weights in the early morning (2 minutes): or you can grab a cafe con leche at any of the several neighborhood joints. You can be at the Historic Key West Seaport as fast on your bike as in your car (if you consider parking in your travel time) (5 minutes). And you can be in the Key West suburbs at the shopping centers or leave on a jet plane (we got 'em) at the Key West International Airport, all within a 5 minute drive from 1119 Von Phister. We don't have Conch Trains and motorcycles going through the area. We don't have noisy bars and noisy tourists walking home at four o'clock in the morning singing songs or arguing about how much they love or hate each other. We are so close and yet so far away.

CLICK HERE for more details and photos of 1119 Von Phister Street.

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