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Friday, December 5, 2008

Key West Beachside Ocean Front Condo

Attention Maties! There is treasure to be found in this sweet listing of Unit 421 in the new Beachside Resort. People that read my blog know I don't just hype things. I try to get people to consider options when they are looking at purchasing a permanent home or a second home or income property in Key West. Not all jewels are located in Old Town. If you are looking for a condo with two transient licenses, this gem may pique your interest.

Here are the details: Unit 421 Beachside Resort is a 1357 sq ft a 2 Bedroom 2.5 Bath, type A floor plan with lockout feature & 2 transient licenses for optimal rental potential. All of the finest amenities including designer furniture package grace this 2nd floor luxury condominium situated in building 4 with a pool and courtyard view. Beautifully appointed floor plan with gourmet kitchen overlooking comfortable living room and spacious covered balcony. Endless on-site resort amenities include private beach (inviting hammock supplied), heated waterfront pool, spa, poolside bar and grill, valet parking, concierge, optional on-site management, gourmet restaurant; and the island's largest conference center.

CLICK HERE for more detailed info on Unit 421 and additional photos. This place is super high end. You walk in the front door and it is like walking into an ante room of a Ritz Carlton. High ceilings, crown molding, massive wood doors, polished brass fixtures, marble floors, high tech kitchen, elegant bathrooms, luxurious bedrooms, quiet: these are among the features of this and every unit with the designer furnishings that are included in the asking price.

There are two transient licenses. One bedroom is entered right off the formal entry. It can be legally rented as a "hotel room" on a nightly basis or as part of the entire unit as a two bedroom condo. Or both units could be rented separately.

Unit 421 is priced at $599,000. That is $441 per sq ft. Experienced lookers know the price of everything in Key West. You know that $599,000 is an incredible price. But for those who are not so familiar with prices, CLICK HERE to see the list prices on the remaining units at Beachside. Unit 421 beats every property offered. When this unit sells, and it will, there will be no more priced like it. This is a deal limited to one buyer only. When it is sold, there will be no more--at that price. That does not mean the other units are priced too high. Every unit is different in size, layout, and location.

I suggest that seasoned shoppers look at this unit and compare what you will get for your dollar versus a similarly sized unit at 1800 Atlantic or a much small unit at Truman Annex that is priced similarly. There is no comparison. This property wins. True units at Truman Annex are very close to the rock and roll of Duval. And 1800 Atlantic has a loyal group of vacationers that return year after year. But Beachside is new and far from the madding crowd.

Would you like to see the Beachside Resort and test my theory of value? Please call me, Gary Thomas, 305-766-2642 or e-mail me at This is an exceptional property at an exceptional price. Maybe you are the exceptional buyer who will grab this little gem.


Anonymous said...

The Captain says:

Another repeat? This time word for word from your August 22, 2008post. Gary, say it ain't so. For someone like me, an avid reader, this is disappointing. But it is your blog and you make the rules.

May I make a suggestion? How about updates about properties that you've written about that have sold recently. The house on Go Lane would be a good example. Since you live in Key West we the readers can benefit from your insight. Another example: The blue eyebrow house at 1020 18th Street. It was listed this summer at $400k, went contingent, and now is re-listed at $600k. What's up with that? Only someone "on the ground" can explain that.

Captain out.....

flipper said...

Captain, great idea!

Anonymous said...

I, too, agree! Great idea! Gary, bring us up-to-date! I noticed the blue eyebrow relsited at 600... I've been watching the market carefully since 2004 and lots of stuff gets relisted and relisted and so on.

But wasn't it in the news yesterday that the Marriott is taking over management of the new Beachside resort? I don't know about you, but "Marriott" does not scream "super luxury" to me. More like middle-class nice hotel. And if I recall the article correctly, it is not decided if the restaurant and pool restaurant will stay open? If I were paying, what is it? $1200/mo in condo fees, I'd want to be darn sure of my amenities! What's the scoop there? Inquiring minds count on you to tell us!

Anonymous said...

Is it true that the restaurant is in serious trouble? Few people go there, apparently, and it seems that uber-chef Norm Van Aken left quite a while ago? Verdad, o no?

Beachside is stuck on a *very* unattractive stretch of North Roosevelt.

Anonymous said...

The house on Go Lane has not sold (from one realtor to another to another) and is in foreclosure. The chef at Beachside has left The whole Beachside scene isn't near Old Town at all - you will need a car. The units just aren't up to par and who wants to stay on the edge of Key West in New Town? Not the ideal location for your upscale tourist. Sorry, not buying.

Anonymous said...

Gary, where are you?

Gary Thomas said...

I'm right here underneath you!

This is my take on what's going on out there.

1. Marriott is taking over and prices are supposed to stay the same but the number of heads in beds should increase due to Marriott's ability to draw more visitors because of its name and international web affiliation.

2. The Chef is gone. His house in Key Haven is for sale.

3. The restaurant is open. The steaks are good - and expensive. I'm not sure if the concept is right for Key West. It is the kind of restaurant you can find anywhere. But more expensive.

4. Don't believe what others tell you, even realtors. GO Lane sold on November 26th. Sales price was $825,000. Go here to verify what I just said:

That sale price ought to be fair warning to local banks and sellers living in Fantasyland. The market is down, buyers are looking for deals. Pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered. Your first loss is your best loss, my former boss used to say.

I totally disagree with the units not being up to par, too.

I used to get to stay at the Ritz Carlton in Phoenix about once a month. They knew me by name. Beachside kind of reminds me of that place, only it is nicer and it's on the ocean. And in Key West.

Some people just wanna complain!

Get a life.

Anonymous said...

And the blue eyebrow on 18th Street? Inquiring minds want to know.

Gary Thomas said...

1020 18th Street is inhabited by renters, or so I was just told. I have never been inside. The house is large, 2621 sq ft and sits on a 9000 sq ft lot. Was listed for $1,199,000 in July 2007. Now a short sale at $600,000. That may mean that someone could pick up a real big fixer at a bargain price.


Gary Thomas said...

I don't think $600,000 for a fixer is a bargain. I think an aggressive buyer might get this property at significant discount from the asking price.

Rents can make sales very difficult. Especially if they control the times when the property can be shown and then leave the place a mess during showings or have a roommate asleep in a bedroom. Or maybe have smelly animals all over the house. Or perhaps 12 Russians living in a two bedroom house with foul odors everywhere. It happens.

That's why sometimes buyers get real good deals because realtors can't show the house.


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