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Saturday, May 23, 2009

708 Passover Lane - Old Town Key West - Short Sale

The neighbors across the street are very quiet. And you can rest assured the view from the front door of 708 Passover Lane will never change. Never Ever!

708 Passover Lane is located just across from the Key West Cemetery at one of the highest points in Old Town Key West. The house sits to the rear of an odd shaped lot of 3364 sq ft. There is off street parking and a landscaped front yard with obscured views of the cemetery. The house itself is an arts and crafts style structure that was built (county records) in 1938. It had a new roof in 2000. County building permits suggest most of the interior renovations and the pool and rear deck were done in 1992.

If you are one of those buyers who feels compelled to have a designer kitchen complete with granite, marble and stainless steel, this old house could be a candidate for a new re-do that will not break the bank. It simply isn't all that big a place. And it is perfectly livable as is. The present owner paid $840,000 for this house in 2005. But now the property is a short sale and is offered at the asking price of $525,000 or $746 per sq ft.

On the other hand, some strategic fairy dust and paint could go a long way to make this charmer "pop". CLICK HERE and look at the photo of the off street parking. Imagine how cute the same space could be if the fence surrounded the area and was painted bright white. Get rid of the pea rock and brick the driveway.Ditch the trash cans while you are at it. Yuck! Imagine your little Key West car sitting in the driveway. There is a nasty old stub of a long gone tree that needs to be removed. Reinstall the picket fence around the permiter of the entire property and paint it white. Voila. You also may want to remove the screen that encases the front porch. It is not necessary and hides the beauty of this charming cottage. A house a couple doors to the north (CLICK HERE)looks somewhat similar. So it may give you an idea of what I think 708 Passover might look like sans screened porch.

There are only eight houses on the block. CLICK HERE, and CLICK HERE. CLICK HERE to see the scary cemetery. You don't need to worry about the neighbors across the street making a ruckus and keeping you awake all night. You don't need to worry about their friends taking up all the parking spots on the street. Same for the other houses on Passover Lane. The properties are single family and there isn't a guesthouse, bar, restaurant or gallery within a couple of blocks.

This is how the listing realtor describes 708 Passover Lane: "Sequestered cottage in the heart of Old Town with brick patio, fencing, offstreet parking, high ceilings, wood floors and walls. Tented by Hammerhead 2/11/09." CLICK HERE to read more info from the listing Realtor and to see more photos.

Everything in Key West seems to be negotiable these days. Half of my readers won't consider this house because of the location. So that means less competition from potential buyers that do not mind tombs with a view as neighbors. I think a smart buyer will act on this.

Please contact me, Gary Thomas, 305.766.2642 or e-mail me at to arrange to see 708 Passover Lane. By the way, I recently sold the house next door at 8 Passover Lane. My buyers absolutely love it and the neighborhood.


Anonymous said...

The Captain says:

No sale. At close to $750 a sq ft, this little house (the operative word being little) will sit. (At least it is not over $900sq ft as it was when you posted about it in February). Add to the mix a less than desirable view, the aggravation of a short sale and the fact that the season is over, it will be a long hot summer for this "charmer."

Captain out..........

Gary Thomas said...

Captain, Long time no hear from.

I'm hestitant to say what I think a place will actually sell for because that may set a potential buyer up for a major disappointment if the price does not get approved by the lender.

Nevertheless, this is a short sale. The place has been on the market forever. It does have its drawbacks. Most buyers I have shown it to thinks it needs a new kitchen, a new bath, the rear deck redone, the front fenced and properly landscaped. So I think this "charmer" will actually sell for $450,000. That is about $639 per sq ft which is in line for recent similar sales.


Gary Thomas said...

This property went under contract. Back up offers are acceptable, however.


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