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Monday, July 13, 2009

1717 Atlantic Boulevard - Key West, Florida

Do you want to buy a nice house near the ocean that has a big yard, a big pool, lots of outdoor space, three bedrooms, a covered outdoor living area, a new kitchen and that is affordably priced? The listing Realtor at Preferred Properties describes 1717 Atlantic Boulevard this way:
"This home is Key Wests living at it's best with fantastic outdoor living surrounded by a Privacy fence. In the back there is a massive yard and large pool complete with 2 covered Lanai areas and lush tropical landscaping. The interior of the home has been renovated to reflect the style of the mid-century modern era. Open living/dinning area off a new large kitchen. Master and second bedroom have french doors opening to the pool with outstanding bathrooms. 3rd bedroom is more forward and very private. You are just two blocks from one of Key Wests best beaches and within walking distance of the children's park and the Dog park. Two minutes from the famous Duval Street."

CLICK HERE for more details and to view several photos of 1717 Atlantic Blvd. which is offered at $599,000 or $489 per sq ft. The house has 1224 sq ft of air conditioned interior living space. The covered lanais greatly expand the perceived living areas be cause they are so well done. And that pool is just killer. The entire property is enclosed so the grounds are very private. But the house is within an easy walk of either Smathers Beach to the east (about three blocks) or the Higgs Beaches to the west (about six blocks). The three shopping centers are less than five minutes by car as is the world famous and now painfully dull Key West International Airport.

I created a quick list of other three bedroom single family homes with a pool under priced $600,000. I think comparison shopping is a good thing. CLICK HERE to shop and compare. I have shown several of the comparison properties. I would advise any smart shopped to look beyond price and how dazzling the pool may look. I suggest that you checkout square footage (under air), outdoor living space, and try to determine how recent any improvements to the house may have been made. And if you are thinking of snickering at Atlantic Blvd also consider the location of the houses on the comparison list. If one of the properties interests you, please call me, Gary Thomas, 305-766-2642 or email me at


Anonymous said...

Hi Gary.

This house has been listed for much more than 45 days. It'd be nice if there were a way for us non-realtor-people to be able to get info without actually tracking ourselves when houses come in and off and back on to the MLS... (I've complained about this before!)

But my question is, why would people snicker over the Atlantic Blvd address? It seems a perfectly nice street to me. Seriously, why?


Gary Thomas said...

Diana, Atlantic Blvd. gets a lot of traffic to and from the airport and the hotels and condos on the southeast edge of Key West. The traffic goes down after 6:00 but it can be busy during the daytime.

But the counterpoint to the location is the location. This house sits across from the Nature Preserve where nothing will ever be built. No high rise condos or oceanfront mansions or use as beachfront parking. Nada.

Two separate companies previously listed 1717 Atlantic. One listed it on March 4, 2008 at $799,00 and re-listed it March 24, 2008 at $639,000. Company #2 listed it
for $599,000 on December 8, 2008 and that listing expired April, 2009.
Preferred Properties listed on May 29, 2009 at $599,000.


Anonymous said...

Hello all,

The father of a friend of mine owned a house on this block of Atlantic. The land here is about one inch above sea level, and the sea is only a few hundred feet away. In 2005 Wilma sent a surge of water into the first floor of all these houses. Other smaller storms in 2005 hit this street badly. He replanted his rear garden around his pool three times in 2005, and then decided just to leave the plants in the Home Depot tubs in which they were packaged! So be sure to look at this aspect of the property and check on the cost of floor and windstorm insurance coverage.

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

I drove by this house a couple of weeks ago when I was in town. I thought the area was nice and relatively quiet - I guess it's all in your personal perspective! Good point on the closeness to the sea... We live on the water up here in Citrus County and our yard regularly floods. We're lucky that the person who built this house did not build on grade, as was done back then, but built up on about a 3' thick foundation. I don't know why I didn't think of flooding! Thanks for the reality-reminder!


Gary Thomas said...

I specifically asked the sellers if they had experienced any interior water intrusion since Wilma and they said "No". The entire area is low and inspection of the inside and outside of any home is always necessary. In this area it would make sense to do a visual survey of the surrounding blocks and to talk to neighbors.

I don't want anybody to make a mistake when they buy a house. Rely on what a licensed and insured professional home inspector tells you, not your real estate agent may think.

Anonymous said...

The road floods badly during every heavy rain storm. I can't believe anyone said no water during Wilma - that whole street was underwater. Since Wilma? maybe not but Wilma hit that road big time. Traffic, water, and just the regular stench from the water/seaweed is enough of a turn off from this property.

Anonymous said...

Gary and Anon -

This is why I love this blog! Different opinions and extra information. All very helpful!


Gary Thomas said...

Dear Anon: I heard exactly what you wrote about the road flooding. I met with the sellers and asked them if the property water intrusion (water inside of the house) after Wilma. They said "No".

I agree on the occasional odor. I can smell the same stuff 1/2 mile to the west sometimes. The ocean passes gas. I can smell it sometimes when I am picking someone up at the airport. What can I say. Not everything God makes is nice and pleasant and perfect.

If you can afford perfect, don't bother with Key West. Key West is full of imperfect people that live in imperfect houses in a city with imperfect politicians (and imperfect wives - or partners) that sits at the end of the most imperfect of states.

I bet there are more than a handful of people that would rather smell the seaweed on Atlantic Blvd. than breath the rotten filthy air in Los Angeles or along the east coast.



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