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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

625 Eaton Street -- Old Town - Key West

625 Eaton Street - Old Town - Key West
I have been watching the renovation taking place at 625 Eaton Street for several months. The old Grand Dame just kept getting prettier and prettier every day. And then today it was listed for sale at the asking price of $929,000 or $536 per sq ft. My research shows this house was built in 1889 which would make it one of the older buildings in Key West.

625 Eaton Street in 1965 - What a Dame. She hasn't aged a bit.

But read on, Dear Reader. The listing Realtor describes the property this way:
"The finishing touches are being done to this Historic Beauty in the heart of Old Town Key West. This 1938 home was once owned and lived in by the famous artist Stephen Avila and just recently was renovated by the new owners that purchased this property from the Avila family. The Historic preservation award has been given to this Key West charmer. Huge porches and Dade county pine accent this 3 bedroom 3 bath gem. Footsteps to Duval and all of it's wonderful restaurants and galleries."
I have not been inside since the work has been done. But I showed the house several times when it was listed for sale two years ago. I wrote this about the house then "I was captivated by this property the very first time I stepped inside. The rooms just take you back to another time. The rooms are gracious in their simplicity." The people I showed it to loved the house but thought the lot was too small or they fretted over not having off street parking. Others didn't like the Eaton Street location. You can't have everything. Well, you can. You just have to pay for it. So the owner did the renovation and now the work is nearly complete. There still is no parking and the house is still located on Eaton Street. There is a cocktail pool on the rear west side. And the house looks really nice on the outside.

The cocktail pool at 625 Eaton Street Key West

I used to own the really big house one block to the west at 511 Eaton Street. I know that Eaton Street can sometimes be busy and noisy during the daytime. But the traffic slows down on the weekends and is almost non-existent at night. The location is great for people that want to be able to walk all over Old Town. Duval Street is just two blocks to the west. From there you can turn left or right and see just about everything you need to see and maybe more. You can walk two blocks to the north and end up at the Historic Key West Seaport. The Monroe County Library is a block to the south. If you head east and go about 120 miles you will end up in Miami with all those crazy drivers and crooked politicians.

CLICK HERE to read the info provided by the listing Realtor and view some photos of the house as it looks today. Better yet, please call me, Gary Thomas, 305-766-2642, to schedule a showing of this property. I am a full time Realtor at Preferred Properties Coastal Realty, Inc. in Key West, Florida.


Anonymous said...

Those doors on the front look kind of strange. I think a paned glass door would have looked better.

I wish you would talk more about your time as an innkeeper, Gary. Even though I don't know you, that part of your time on the island really gets my interest.

Gary Thomas said...

Dear Anon, The original doors did not have windows,but the shutters were operational-meaning the slats moved to let in light and still provide privacy. So the doors could be left open, shutters shut, and light could still illuminate the house.

I have been toying about starting another blog about growing up in the 50s and figuring out in the late 60s that I wasn't like everybody else and how I ended up living in Paradise.


Anonymous said...

I'll read it if you do!

Anonymous said...

Would love to read that - but you can always write about those things in this blog too... we dont mind.

Gary Thomas said...

Most of the people I work with are about my age. We have very similar values, irrespective of where we lived.

I think some may be left over Hippies that now wear suits to work.

A lot of us marched to the THE WAR. Some of us went there. Some of us went to the other side and became money hungry and part of THE ESTABLISHMENT. (I haven't heard or used that term in decades.)

I am learning to enjoy watching movies made in other decades that really depict life and styles in those time periods. Age gives us an advantage to see where we were and how we got to where we are at. I have too much nostalgia for the past I think. It was a kinder gentler time.



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