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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Strip Center - 1200 White Street - Key West

1200 White Street Strip Center Key West Florida in 1965

The same strip center in 2010

The strip center shown above is located at 1200-1206 White Street in Key West. Locals know the building by sight. Ugly sight. A sight that needs razed and rebuilt or renovated into something befitting the location. The asking price has been reduced to $999,000. CLICK HERE for more info and photos.

This is how the listing Realtor describes this property:
"A rare, mixed use strip center with adjacent parking lot on busy White Street in Key West. There are three commercial units and two residential units on this property. Property was formerly used as a bakery and has the potential to be opened under a similar use. White Street is the fastest growing commercial corridor in Key West, acting as a border of Old Town and New Town Key West.Owners may consider owner financing package. Included in sale 1212 White Street."
The property sits in the last block of commercial property in the 1200 block of White Street. All of the remaining properties situated to the south lead to the Atlantic Ocean and the beaches except for two small churches and a doctor's office that is located in a house. The commercial enterprises in the immediate vicinity include the Island Gym, a real estate office, a super expensive hamburger joint, a hand job car wash, Island Tile, Dog 30, a real estate appraiser's office, several yoga places, two gas stations that sell very expensive gas (must be imported or something), several art galleries and antique stores, several hair clip joints, a very confusing French restaurant, more art galleries, a travel agency, a few guesthouses, and Faustos Grocery. The National Weather Service is located one block to the south across the street from the old Key West High School that is used as an elementary school today.

Two parcels that are for sale that have a total square footage of 8147 sq ft according to the listing Realtor. The two properties have approximately 153'.26" frontage on White Street. The lots are 51'9" deep per the Monroe County Appraiser's website.

The adjacent parking lot at 1212 White Street is included in the offering

1223 White Street Key West Florida in 1965

The same location but all new and really attractive mixed use development in 2010

Cars enter on United St and exit on White Street
Look a the three photos immediately above. The black and white pic was taken in the 1960s and shows a one story CBS building (concrete block structure) that was used as a pizza parlor. That structure was razed and a new commercial /residential building with parking was erected in 2007. The new building is mixed use of commercial office space on ground level and residential apartments on the second. A nice bricked parking area and landscaping complete the parcel development. The property at 1200 White has about 40' less frontage but the lots are just about equal in depth. I think that a structure somewhat akin to the building above might work for 1200 White Street. The 1200 White Street lot size is smaller and a new building could not be as large as the one pictured.

There is a real need for nice new office space with parking in the Old Town and Mid Town areas. If you are an investor or developer looking to acquire a development parcel such as this, please call me, Gary Thomas, 305-766-2642 or Phil Wilson, 305-394-4105. We are both full time Realtor at Preferred Properties Coastal Realty, Inc. in Key West, Florida. Phil Wilson has extensive commercial sales and leasing experience. Together, let us help you find your investment opportunity in Paradise.


Anonymous said...

The Captain says:

How could you have neglected Sandy's Cafe when mentioning the surrounding commercial enterprises. You obviously have never had a "buchi" there.

El Capitan out.................

Gary Thomas said...

I was there on Sunday afternoon. My buyer had coffee there earlier in the morning and met the mayor. I introduced my buyer to Sandy's a year ago. He goes there for coffee regularly now. I'm trying to get him to buy a house near me in Casa Marina so he can have his buchi and me as a neighbor too.


Anonymous said...

El Capitan - it's spelled bucce.

Anonymous said...

The Captain says:

Sorry anonymous, you are wrong. Buchi is short for buchito which is derived from the Spanish word bucho, which means mouthful. Spanish speakers frequently use the suffix "ito" (masculine) or "ita" feminine. (e.g., Carlos/Carlitos, Lola/Lolita, etc.)as the diminutive or as a term of affection. Thus, buchito is literally "a little mouthful," in this case a thimble-sized serving of espresso or Cuban coffee. Incidently, in areas with large Spanish speaking populations, like Miami, it is referred to as a cafecito. I've never heard of a bucce nor do I know what language that is. I would, however, be interested in knowing its origin if the word in fact exists.

Capn out.........................

Anonymous said...

Also, do not forget the wonderful Cuban coffee place La Dichosa, operating in this building for many years. How many mornings did we say hi to Vicki behind the counter and watch Poncho the pooch eat his pan con queso and drink his cafe con leche. Gone, gone, alas!


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