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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

1025 Thompson Lane - Old Town - Key West

1025 Thompson Lane as it appeared in a 1965 photograph

If you have little kids and live on a through street more than four or five blocks long, I'll bet you live in mortal fear that someday some sixteen year old boy will be dragging down your block and possibly run over your child. Who reading this blog hasn't seen some teenager (0r young adult) drive way too fast down a long suburban street? Few, if any, I'll bet. That is one of the charms of the slow lanes of Key West: they are so short, narrow, and hard to find that teenage boys (and Conch Trains and Trolley Cars) avoid them like the plague. There are some folks who need to live on a big street in a big house so that everybody can see how grand they are. But others are quite content living life on a hard to find and very quiet lane. The house at 1025 Thompson Lane in Old Town Key West is an example of the latter.

Thompson Lane - one of the slow lanes of Key West

The first day I arrived in Key West some 25 years ago was amazed by all of the neat old houses in Old Town. I only ventured to Casa Marina for a party that first trip. And other than driving past New Town, I don't think I really ventured out there until a trip in 1987.

Back in 1984 many of the houses that look so damned wonderful today looked like a lot of the still "undone" or "non-restored" houses that still exist all over Old Town. There just are not as many of them today. And I have seen enough of the houses that were "renovated" or "remodeled" back in the 1970's and 1980's to safely say they may need a bit of updating now. Back in 1984 it was the simplicity of design and the sturdy construction that endeared the houses of Old Town to me. That has not changed.

The house at 1025 Thompson Lane is a good example of an old house built circa 1891 that has been updated over the years. The rooms are colorful and cozy. I find the place absolutely charming. There is a fake fire in the livingroom that reminds you why you chose to move to Key West. (Fireplaces are unnecessary. We live in a frost free zone.) The dining area is located at the rear. The kitchen is to the right rear and an unusual stairway at left leads to the second floor bedrooms. The master bedroom and bath are to the right of the livingroom. The house is very livable. None of the rooms are really large, but they work. The upstairs is presently divided into a sitting room, a bedroom, and a bath.

There is presently a small second floor deck and spiral staircase (CLICK HERE) that are not historic to the house. I think it should be removed. That would allow the homeowner to utilize the ground area better. I think there is room for pool and still comply with the Key West building code set back requirements. Any serious buyer will need to verify the ability to add a pool and should not relay what I say.

1025 Thompson Lane has 1341 sq ft of living area and sits on a 1600 sq ft lot. The house has two bedrooms, two baths, a lovely living room and an open kitchen. This house has been on the market several months and the asking price was recently reduced to $475,000 or $354 per sq ft. CLICK HERE for more mls information and to view mls photos of the interior and exterior.

Thompson Lane is similar to many of the other slow lanes in Key West: quiet. It runs one block long from Frances Street on the east to Grinnell Street on the west. Finnegan's Wake is located on Grinnell Street and just a few feet past the exit from Thompson Lane. The City of Key West parking structure is located across the street from Finnegan's Wake. And the Historic Key West Seaport is a minute walk further to the north. You can walk to the Schooner Wharf in less than five minutes. The house and its location are very quiet but the property is located within easy walking distance to so many things that make Old Town Key West so vibrant and fun.

1025 Thompson Lane is a listing of Preferred Properties Coastal Realty Inc. Please call me, Gary Thomas, 305-766-2642 to set up a showing. No need to worry about getting run over by a teenager on this little slow lane.


Anonymous said...

Why is this house not selling? I looked at it when it was on the market two years ago, and, frankly, it made my final top three -- even with the tiny, tiny lot. Even the higher listing price wasn't totally out of line for 2008. Is there something hidden?

Gary Thomas said...

I think it was priced too high, but that is my opinion.

The upstairs could be tweaked by a good contractor and made much more user friendly.

I am confident that if the outside stairs and balcony were removed that the sideyard could become a wonderful space. I'm not talking about spending a lot of money, these are relatively inexpensive fixes that could substantially improve this property as a whole.



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