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Friday, March 11, 2011

Best Friends

Not Rex's house

A valued buyer of mine, who I will call "Rex", recently told me a true story that had me rolling on the floor.

Rex is a most understated man. He wears simple clothes and has no self-pretense. He doesn't talk much about himself. For the most part his presence in a room or place is unremarkable.

He told me that he left high school at age sixteen and never competed his education. He didn't stop learning. His education came from real life and an inquisitive mind. Before I met Rex in person, I had many phone conversations. He asked pointed questions that revealed he had actually thought about the issue he was concerned about. And then he listened to the response. He eventually bought a property from me sight unseen. But his purchase was not based only on what I said but also on what he learned himself by searching the public records online and doing Google aerial and street views of the property. At last he had his vacation getaway in Key West.

Rex lives in a small town - the same town he lived in as kid and as the high school dropout. Last year he got invited to the high school reunion. Odd, he thought, since he did not graduate. But he went. He owns a couple of businesses in his town, and he became a bigger fish in the small pond than most of his classmates might have expected. He mentioned to someone that he bought a place in Key West. Ears perked up!

Ears perked up!
Now every high school in America has to have the class jock and cheerleader that end up getting hitched. Sometimes it may be the unexpected baby or may be just true love, but high school romances that become lifelong relationships are a fabric of our lives. And the most awesome people in Rex's class followed form and became mates for life. The former football star and all around jock moved in on Rex and let him know how great it was to see him again after all these years. Pals, once more.

Except when Rex was in high school nobody paid much attention to him. And especially not the big jock. Rex didn't know the big guy even knew his name. Same for the cheerleader girlfriend turned wife. She never looked Rex in the eyes let alone speak to him or acknowledge his existence.

So it came as a complete surprise this past Tuesday night when the jock called Rex from the airport in Miami stating he and the wifey were heading to Key West and asked if they could stay with Rex. Rex had himself just arrived for a couple of days for rest and relaxation. He was so shocked by the bold question that all he could do was say "Yes". The couple arrived a few hours later and moved in with Rex and his wife.

The couple only stayed two nights but showed their genuine appreciation for Rex's long time friendship and offer to share his home by taking Rex and his wife to dinner - at Margarittaville where they were treated to a ten dollar hamburger.

The couple did not outstay their invitation (wait, they were not invited, they asked to stay). They left their old friend Rex after just two days, and all is right with the world. Hugs and kisses and can't wait to see you again!

The next day Rex and I were talking when the post high school reunion at Rex's house came up. We laughed about it. Everybody I know has had a similar situation occur although not with total strangers. I asked if I could share his experience with you, and Rex willingly agreed. A few minutes later and called back and suggested a possible title for the blog. I think his suggestion works better as as a postscript.

You weren't my friends in high school. Why do you want to be my friends now?


Anonymous said...

That's my house!

Chuck on Fleming.

satisfiedgaryclient said...

Too funny. And two words: Caller ID. If you don't know who's calling, let it go to voicemail. You can avoid so much unpleasantness that way.

Gary, you tell a fine story.


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