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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Very Affordable Key West Condo - Bank Owned

1010 Grinnell Street -Unit No. B $159,900 Bank Owned

The new Bank Owned condo listing at 1010 Grinnell Street Unit No. B is very affordable at just $159,900. The listing broker describes the place this way:
"Detached Condo That Feels Like A Single Family...Private Enclave Off Master Bedroom With Decking And And A Place For Your Green Thumb, Wood Floors, Your Own Washer/Dryer, Close To Downtown And Steps From The Pool."

I was a bit skeptical because the property is located so near the corner of Grinnell and Truman. Click GOOGLE MAP to checkout the area. (Use the toggle switch to get a street view.) The condos are located near a lot of commercial activity. When I entered the property, I was surprised how quiet it was and how nice the common area looked.

I think that the unit may actually be larger than 573 sq ft stated in the Key West mls listing CLICK HERE. An interested buyer needs to verify the size before making an offer. Be that as it may, the unit itself is a good sized two bedroom home with a large private rear deck off either of the two good sized bedrooms. The two negatives that I see with the unit are the shared kitchen and living areas and the placement of the washer and dryer in the hallway between the living area and the bedrooms. But for $159,900, that is no big deal.

Combination Kitchen and Living Room

Living room looks out to the pool

I looked at the outside of the building with a critical eye. The roof is new; there are new gutters; the siding is in good shape; the deck needs power washed but almost every deck in town needs power washed; the pool is decent sized; and the common area provides nice separation between the three buildings that make up this four unit condominium complex. It looks like one wall unit a/c has a leak. Leaks can normally be repaired or you buy a new a/c which is probably cheaper.

Private Deck need power washed

I think this unit is a bargain at the asking price. Contact me, Gary Thomas, 305-766-2642 or send me an email at if you would like more information on this unit. I am a buyer's agent and a full time Realtor at Preferred Properties Coastal Realty, Inc. in Key West. This unit is not for everyone. But it could definitely work for a local looking to purchase a nice clean home at an affordable price. Don't delay because this place will sell soon.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Slim pickins' in Key West these days if you have to share a kitchen and a living area with other people!

Gary Thomas said...

The kitchen and living area share one space but are NOT shared with other people! Don't be silly.

Anonymous said...

It wasn't silly - reread your post and you'll see that it's easy to interpret his post that way. I did too! Anon. #2, loyal blog reader

Anonymous said...

I had to re-read the entry myself as I also came to the same conclusion.

Gary Thomas said...

"The two negatives that I see with the unit are the shared kitchen and living areas..." is singular, not plural.

Anonymous said...

Gary. No. "The shared kitchen and living areas" implies that the kitchen and living areas are "shared" with someone else, not that one room serves the common purpose. Three of your readers report confusion. Don't worry - we know you don't have a copy editor. Better would have been "the kitchen and living room share one space." Write on!

Anonymous said...

No copy editor but a lesson on how the English language is expressed in the written word would be appreciated. And yes, English is NOT my first language - is it yours?

Anonymous said...

OK let's just drop the whole thing. I was the one who wrote the initial post and was just joking around. Yes I was initially confused, but common sense told me that simply could not have been the case. All I really want is for Gary to get his next posting up!

Anonymous said...

So why were you 'just joking around' as you post - are you bored, lazy or stupid? Do you get your kicks from such antics or off your meds?

Enlighten us please - your ignorance is showing. Big time.

And if you have nothing to add to this board, I suggest you find another avenue to pursue. Get a hobby!

Anonymous said...

Wow you are a fool

Gary Thomas said...

As Archie said to Edith "Stifle yourself!" Enough.

The mls is very quiet right now. Not many new listings and still several over-priced old listings.

I'll be writing about something positive as soon as I see something that warrants it.



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