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Friday, August 19, 2011

1127 Von Phister Street - Casa Marina Area - Key West - Won't You be My Neighbor

1127 Von Phister Street - Casa Marina Area - Key West
Preferred Properties Coastal Realty, Inc. (that's where I work but this is not my listing) just listed 1127 Von Phister Street in the Casa Marina Area of Key West. I know this area quite well as the house is located about half a block away from my home.

There is a beautiful two-story double galleried home is one of the prettiest properties in the Casa Marina area. It has great curb appeal and splendid gardens. There is a master suite downstairs. Upstairs there are two guest rooms with a balcony on the front and a deep sun deck on the rear that overlooks the heated swimming pool. The recent renovation includes a beautiful new kitchen inside and an outdoor kitchen. There is also a half bath and an outdoor shower poolside. This beautiful home is offered at $1,295,000. CLICK HERE to view the Key West mls datasheet and to view listing photos.

The house is a five minute walk or take a bike ride to the Atlantic Ocean and the beach. This is the real deal my friend. And the good thing is you won't have any sand in your feet by the time you walk back home. Of course you can ride your bike or drive your car or scooter.

The Beach
You can walk or ride your bike to Duval Street in about five minutes. Or you could go to the shops on White Street like Faustos or go to the Island Gym (2 minutes) or you can grab a cafe con leche at any of the several neighborhood joints. You can be at the Historic Key West Seaport as fast on your bike as in your car (if you consider parking in your travel time) (5 minutes). And you can be in the Key West suburbs at the shopping centers or leave on a jet plane (we got 'em) at the Key West International Airport (that name always cracks me up!) in about 5 to 7 minutes depending on traffic.

Fausto's on White Street - has an old fashioned butcher
Island Gym on White Street - all welcome
The location is not only convenient, but also very quiet. We don't have a lot of tourists on our little street. And we don't have lots of apartments or guest houses or commercial activities things that attract locals from all parts of town. You kind of have to want to go to Von Phister Street for a reason. You don't just end up there on your way to someplace else. If you have a dog, you will likely meet your neighbors on their morning or evening walks. Von Phister, like most of the streets in the Casa Marina Area, is tree lined but has no sidewalks. Some locals often meet up at Higg's Beach while the dogs run around like little kids. Others take their pets over to Doggie Beach for a quick dip. It isn't the country, but the country doesn't have the Atlantic Ocean four blocks away.

If you would like to see 1127 Von Phister Street or any other house in Key West, please consider working with me, Gary Thomas, 305-766-2642 (or by email at I am a buyer's agent and a full time Realtor at Preferred Properties Coastal Realty, Inc. in Key West. I live in the Casa Marina Area and love it.


Anonymous said...

Interesting that you should show Island Gym. Whenever I've visited Key West, I've been surprised at the very few public gyms. Perhaps folks prefer to get their exercise out in the sunshine.

Just my thought de jur.

Anonymous said...

Cute house, hate the cheap Tommy Bahama logo item on the bed - that would have to go in the trash pronto. Superb street - thanks for this one but I wouldn't think the gym or Fausto's is why people want to live in Casa Marina. There are better places to loiter in the area.

Anonymous said...

$850 per square foot seems awful high.

Gary Thomas said...

$1,295,000 seems low. You can buy a simple little three bedroom in New Town for much less. Location, quality, and charm cost more.

Anonymous said...

What is so wrong with New Town? Lots of beautiful renovated mid-century homes. Gary PLEASE don't be so elitist! You could just put off a lot of buyers wanting to purchase a home there and will go to another realtor who will cater to their specific wants. Many people would love to live in New Town for the space and convenience to shops. Not everyone loves Duval Street, bar noise and traffic.

Gary Thomas said...

Most people looking for a second home in Key West want to be near where the action is. Many won't even consider Casa Marina because they think it is not properly located.

I have shown some very nice houses on the far end of Eagle (when prices were much higher!). The buyers turned up their noses at the distance.

There are some very good deals on mid-range houses in New Town. I wrote about a bank house a couple of weeks ago. Locals buy those houses. Not second home buyers. It is the second home buyers that normally read my blog. Maybe I'm wrong but most New Town sales are brokered between Realtors that are Conchs who sell to Conchs. They don't look for an agent like me.


Anonymous said...

Realtors that are Conchs who sell to Conchs?

Are you kidding? I know many people who have bought in New Town who have just arrived here to work in banking, in sales, on base and the like. Conchs? Do you realize that many people have lived here 10-20 years and buy in New Town and ARE NOT considered a Conch by anyone.

And there are a lot of Realtors who sell in New Town who are transplanted newbies from other areas.

You are limiting yourself by being against the area. I would rather live on the far end of Eagle Avenue and use this as my second or third vacation home than live amongst the homeless, vagrant and drunks of some of the less than desirable bar noise infiltrated areas of Old Town. And let us not forget, Flagler and Go Lane both have WATER access via canal - a big plus that Old Town can not offer.

If I remember correctly, you once had Go Lane on your blog and sang praises on it's location, canal access and viability as a vacation second home. Or has your tune changed along with the attitude?

I am no snob or look down upon those who have chosen to live in New Town. I can't say the same for others in Old Town.

I know several well known and highly rated non-Conch Realtors in town (and they are amongst the most visable and highly sought after for their sales ratings) that would love to sell a home in New Town. A commission is a commission. And if you limited yourself to just one area, you have only yourself to blame when the sales are going to other, more informed Realtors (and perhaps a true Conch as well).

makati condo said...

Wow! I like everything in this post and how I wish I could afford to have that kind of wonderful pool and fabulous bed someday. Big thanks.

Charles A

Anonymous said...

Charles A - don't let them steer you away from New Town. It is a great place to live and far enough from the Duval crawl bar scene but close enough for everything Key West can offer.
Plus, we in New Town, Mid Town, the Meadows, the Golf Course are not pretentious or arrogant snobs thinking if you don't live in Old Town you are not worthy of mention.

I have lived here 30+ years, a native born and bred and know of what I speak. And never rule out the fabulous Lower Keys for waterfront property at its best.

Take this newbie blogger and not- so- in- the- know Realtor with a grain of salt as he is not the leading salesperson on housing in Key West. And do your own homework. You will be amazed at how much you have missed.

Anonymous said...

Don't know either of you, but the realtor is correct. Bought our 2nd home in old town after months of looking. Yes, you will get more for your money in Casa marina and new town.....but it just doesn't have the appeal of old town. Especially to a vacation home buyer.....speaking from personal experience!!!!

Paul and Angelica said...

Gary is absolutely right on target with the needs of a 2nd home buyer. After all, he sold us our 2nd home in Casa Marina. We didn't want New-Mid Town. It is our vacation-retirement home. We want to be far enough away so it isn't in our back yard yet still walking distance if we want the excitement. Thank you, Gary!


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