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Thursday, October 20, 2011

31 Blue Water Drive - Near Key West

31 Blue Water Drive is located about Mile Marker 15 on Saddlebunch Key. CLICK HERE for a GOOGLE aerial view. It's a bit of a wreck right now. A new buyer will likely have trouble getting a mortgage as there is no existing kitchen, and that is normally a prerequisite to getting a mortgage. But it you have a saw and hammer and good design and building skills, this could be the little Florida Keys Dream Home you have been dreaming about. It is offered for sale at just $250,000.

The listing Realtor describes this property like this:
"Open water views from this canal front home. Fantastic renovation project. Approximately 68ft seawall in place. Build or renovate your perfect Florida Keys dream home on this waterfront lot. This property is exempted from the FEMA insurance injunction because the structure was in existence as of 9/12/2005."
The present house has 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, no kitchen, 1044 sq ft of interior living space, a carport and a rear deck that overlooks and incredible canal that opens out in the great Atlantic Ocean. I can't overstate how damned beautiful that view is. It is stunning.

View of existing enclosed rear porch with canal
An RV resort is located on opposite side of canal

31 Blue Water Drive is located just feet away from the Great Atlantic Ocean

It needs a "facelift"

Interior needs total remodel but the end product could be spectacular

This is the type of property better suited to a cash buyer with some construction skills or access to additional money to fund renovation costs. The property is located in Monroe County so county building code applies, not Key West. CLICK HERE to view the Key West mls datasheet on this property.

Several of the other houses in the neighborhood have been updated with second story additions. I think this place could be expanded or kept its small size and keep the renovation costs quite manageable. Whatever course a new owner decides, the view from the rear of this property is worth the investment in my opinion. And the location is only a 15 minute drive from Key West. So you can have your dream house all the time and nearness to Key West. CLICK HERE to view a slide show of photos of this property.

If you would like to see 31 Blue Water Driver please contact me, Gary Thomas, 305-766-2642. I am a buyer's agent and a full time Realtor at Preferred Properties Coastal Realty, Inc. in Key West, Florida.


Anonymous said...

Gary, does one have to walk through the bedrooms in order to get to the kitchen and living rooms? Also, does the house have two baths or one and a half baths?

Gary Thomas said...

The house is a rectangle with the kitchen on the right (south), living room center, enclosed porch with louvers rear center, two bedrooms with one bath on the left (north).

Look at the CLICK HERE link for the slide show that does show each of the rooms.

BTW a reader called his realtor to call me to show the house to the realtor and the potential buyer. As I stated, I am a buyers agent and this is not my listing. I don't make money by doing the shopping for other agents. If you read my blog, please be kind enough to call me instead of an agent who is too busy to do searching for you.

Anonymous said...

We looked at this house 4+ years ago, 2007, I think. The view is indeed spectacular, the neighborhood is quiet. The house, imho, needs to be torn down and a new one built. We spoke with the county bldg dept back then and if a new house is built that follows the same footprint there would be no delays or permit issues. Be aware, however, that the left side of the house (facing the house) is just about on the property line. But, for all that, it is a great place! Wish I had the cash to buy it myself!

Anonymous said...

Still, it is Baypoint and not Key West. A drive too far for many and you have absolutely nothing here except Baby's Coffee. Great if you like quiet, yes, but if your idea of running to the store or grab a quick glass of wine or beer is in order you won't find here. And lets not forget it hasn't had the sewer upgrade yet and it did have flood problems in Wilma.

Gary Thomas said...

... And those are all reasons why it is priced so dang low.

I showed some property on Baypoint a few moths ago. I told the potential buyers before we went up there that there is nothing to do and no place to go. But they wanted a nice place for theirs dogs.

After we looked, the lady said let's go get lunch. I reminded her that I had told her there is no place to go. She said something like "I thought you were joking" to which I said "No, I was serious".

That's the point for people who decide to live not in Key West. They want the nearness but they want to do things their way on their time table.


Anonymous said...

Nothing to do is correct as the one and only restaurant, Knuckleheads, invested a vast amount in upgrades to attract the tourists flocking 15 miles from Key West only to shut their doors soon after. This area is fine for those who don't want the ruckus or like knowing the streets roll up at sundown. Not for your typical second home buyer.


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