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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Simply Stunning! 730 Southard Street - Key West

730 Southard Street - Key West - January 13, 2013

Key West got an early Christmas present in 2012: the beautifully restored Albury House located at 730 Southard Street.  I can't say enough nice things about this home other than it is simply stunning.  It is more beautiful than I imagined it would be. If you follow my blog you will note that I wrote about this house several times when it was listed for sale. Many potential buyers looked at the place. A few even made offers to purchase it.  One lucky couple ended up buying the home and then started the process to find an architect and builder. I took progress photos over the months of construction, a few of which are shown below.

The second floor porch proved to be more of an expensive "fix" than I would have assumed. The original porch worked well for decades but proved to be a real problem during construction. Even though plans were approved in advance, itsy-bitsy items kept dogging the construction to make sure everything was done perfectly.


Over the past few years I took other photos, primarily of the William Street side where the kitchen addition connected to the main house. There is a small little garage attached to the kitchen. It's amazing to see how this space changed as well.

The new owners moved into the home Christmas week.  I snapped a couple of photos on Christmas morning and on an evening a couple of days after Christmas. The place is just beautiful. The lines of the architecture are so plain which is maybe why the place is so perfect.

To the owners: Thank You for your gift to Key West.


Anonymous said...

THANK YOU Gary for being so quick to make a blog entry about it! They did an absolutely beautiful job! The reason I've loved this house so much was probably because of the cupola on top. Being able to get up there and have a birds eye view is so special.

The only issue I can see is the concrete block below the fence, but maybe they plan on painting that. Looks a little prison like.

Thanks again for posting the photos so quick!

Laura Barletta said...

Hi Gary, Thank you for posting about our home. It's very flattering that you like the renovation. Thank you also to the literally hundreds of people who helped bring this home back and to our patient wonderful neighbors who endured almost two years of noise, dirt and trucks.

Regarding the concrete fence: We decided not to paint the fence because hopefully, over time, the concrete will develop a natural patina, perhaps grow some moss..etc. We'll see how that goes but painting is always an option if the look doesn't "develop"

Finally, I'd just like to say that we are truly touched by the outpouring of support for the project (with the exception of certain members of the HARC board) and all the friendly people who have approached our kitchen to say hello and welcome us to town. God Bless and Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

To Laura Barletta, I join Gary in thanking you for bringing that beautiful house back to life. Did you know you can hasten the patina by painting the concrete with buttermilk?

Anonymous said...

I moved away from Key West last February and was so disappointed not to see the work's completion. Thanks, Gary, for sharing this latest update.

I loved this home when it was ramshackle and falling apart. It had such character and so much potential. It simply looks beautiful.

I hope readers get a sneak peek of some interior shots, too, acknowleding the homeowners have their right to privacy.

Kudos to you on your beautiful renovation and congratulations on your lovely new home.

Anonymous said...

Gary - Great post..Any idea what the ballpark market value of the home would be after the renovation?

Kathryn Scott said...

Laura, you did a great job! What a transformation, looks beautiful!


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