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Saturday, June 1, 2013

923 Angela Street - Old Town - Key West

The charming two story home at 923 Angela Street has a semi-formal entry which leads to the main floor living and master bedroom area or which takes you to the second level bedroom and rear sun deck. 

The master bedroom and only bath are located on the main level. The master bedroom has French doors that open out to a large covered rear lanai and the rear garden.
After receiving many inquiries from prospective purchasers about the feasibility of adding a pool to the rear yard, the listing Realtor contact a local swimming pool contract who offered two different scenarios for adding a pool. The first involved opening the existing (but not functioning) cistern that is shared with a the property next door to the west. Then the contractor would construct a barrier at the property line and fill in the cistern on the neighboring property and finally extend the cistern in a diagonal direction to create a small dip pool. The second scenario would require the new owner to relocate the air conditioner from ground level to the second floor rear deck. That would open a large rear area where a new pool could be added. Set backs throughout Key West require at least five feet from the side and rear property lines. It appeared to me that this property would have adequate space to construct a fair sized pool if the second scenario were chose. 

The second bedroom is located on the top floor. The front part has a view of the Key West cemetery while the back side has a small window/door that opens out to the rear rooftop deck where an owner could certainly get an enviable all-over Key West tan.  (This is the same area where a re-located air conditioner might be relocated if a larger pool were added.)
Built-in desk located under one of the two rear dormers

Rear second floor deck shown above
923 Angela Street is offered at $644,000. CLICK HERE to view the Key West mls data sheet. And please CLICK HERE to view more photos of this charming Key West home. After you have done that please call me, Gary Thomas, 305-766-2642 to schedule a tour of this great little house. I am a buyers agent and a full time Realtor at Preferred Properties Key West.


Anonymous said...

Gary having read your posts for years I note you have commented, more than a few times, that one can easily convert a cistern to a pool. Years past, yes perhaps you could but having just done this i can tell you that in order to convert this, or any cistern into a pool you will have to find an engineer (certified by the state) to sign off on the structural integrity of it and that would be akin to finding an iceberg in key west harbor.

I walked through this house a few months ago and it is very nice, quiet neighbors (that joke never gets old) and even without a pool it has a nice outdoor area.

the one major flaw for me was the lack of any parking, not an issue if it had off street parking but think about coming back from publix with your groceries, you would have to schlep them from Grinnell or stop in front of the house, drop your goods off, and then have to drive down frances, then down Margaret, and then all the way to flemming, back up grinnell, find a spot and then hope your ice cream (of which you juts dropped off) has not melted in the living room.

Gary Thomas said...

Dear Anon, I showed the house again last week. That's when I took the new photos of the interior.

I parked on Grinnell as I knew I could not park in front of the house. I told my buyers beforehand that you must park elsewhere. When we got to the house the gent noticed the driveway next door and said something like "you could stop here, drop off the groceries and then go park". I know this will be an issue for a buyer, but there are a lot of houses on little walking lanes like Hunts Lane where people can't even drop off things in front of the house. People either like or don't like houses and locations for many reasons. Your comment on the negatives on this are accurate but not damning for all buyers-probably just a whole lot of them.

As for the cistern, the listing agent said a noted pool contractor had explained exactly what would need to be done to either convert and use the existing cistern or to relocated the a/c to the second floor and then add a longer pool at the rear. All come at a cost of around $25,000.

When you see what is available in Old Town now buyers can decide whether to take on a little project like this or wait for a the perfect house in the perfect location at a much higher price.


Anonymous said...

And if the parking space is used? Like it was from Nov-April? I love your write ups but a pool, one that would compliment this house for $25,500?? Come on Gary you know better, right??

Gary Thomas said...

Dear Anon, You are questioning my honesty in reporting what the listing agent, Brenda Donnelly, told me?

I don't make things up to try to sell houses. I may make a mistake but I do not fabricate statements that easily verifiable.


Anonymous said...

Never said you were not being honest or that you fabricate statements.

I did note you skipped over my question about what to do when the neighbors parking space is occupied from Nov-April.

On a side note do you know whats up with the yellow home on the corner of Elizabeth and Angela?

not attacking you here Gary just asking questions keep up the blog enjoy it very much.

Gary Thomas said...

The parking space next door belongs to next door. I was only suggesting that parking in that space or stopping on the street to unload groceries or other items is no big deal. It happens all the time in Key West.

But the fact that this house does not have a parking spot and a new owner (or renter) would have to deal with the inconvenience of dealing with necessities like groceries is something any buyer will need to factor into what he is willing to pay for such an inconvenience.



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