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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

1008 Packer Street (#5) Key West, Florida

Just listed by Preferred Properties Key West (that's where I work, but this is not my listing) 1008 Packer Street #5.  Read on home buyer wannabes. This place has everything most second home buyers want, and it is priced less than a single family home in the heart of the Old Town area north of Truman. And it would make a great vacation rental just in case that thought has crossed your mind.

When I looked at the house I could not tell that if the home was newer construction or a renovation because almost everything except so interior finishes was new.  I thought to myself 'this is good'. I love old school but I know that new construction or a quality renovation makes means long term maintenance and annual upkeep less expensive.  I learned that the hose was in fact a superior renovation of an older home that sat at the rear located on Truman Avenue with a giant rear yard. Then I remembered this home became part of a redevelopment of the entire parcel. In order to circumvent Key West strict new building codes, the new project was redeveloped as land based condominiums which allowed the developer to build houses on much smaller lots than land use laws would require. Since this home already existed, it became a part of the condo development but as as far as I could determine, it has nothing to do with the other units other than be a perfunctory member of the very limited condo association.

I looked on the historic Sanborn Fire Maps and note that 1008 Packer was shown on the 1899 map. That means it was built prior to that date. I then looked into the old shoebox and found a grainy 1965 photo that shows the house as it existed then.  As I said when I entered the house in 2013 I thought it was newer construction. It's not. It is really good renovation of a solid older home.  What you see in the black and white photo bears nothing to what exists on the inside today and the exterior has new porches and decks that totally change the look of the old. 

Today new wood siding, wood posts and railings give the old house and much different look. The front of the house is located near the street.  A new white picket fence and lots of trees and tropical foliage protect the house from the street. In fact you have to look really hard to even see there is a house behind the foliage. The lean to carport is now gone. That space became incorporated into units next door to the north. Today, an off street parking spot is located on the south side. And there is still a front gated entrance off Packer Street, but it is located a few feet further south.  What you see in the old has nothing to do with the new. And as Martha Stewart would say "That is a good thing."
See what I mean?  The old house has been transformed into the epitome of what second home buyers want in a second home in Key West. It has parking, a pool, a beautiful garden, and it oozes charm.  But that's not all. What you see on the inside makes it easy for the new owner to walk inside and start living from day one. There is no deferred maintenance nor punch list of things that one could do to make the place more livable.
When you first enter the home you see a very user-friendly kitchen with breakfast bar, handsome cabinetry, high-end stainless steel appliances, and granite counter tops. The tall vaulted ceiling and multiple French doors add lots of light to these spaces.  The more "in formal" living area is off to the right. The master bedroom is at the far rear. The dining area is left front and an informal sitting area is out of view on the right front.  The place is both easy on the eyes and functional.
During the cold winter nights up north in America, you and your family can enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the deck overlooking your pool.   I'll bet you will be using the outdoor space more than you can imagine. We all do. If its one of those few nights its rainy or chill (very few of those1), you can eat indoors.

The living area is quite informal and flows right back to the kitchen. The front door enters into this room, but I'll bet you enter through the French doors off the pool side. The transom over the front door was added for a bit of pizazz. It worked. A set of French doors in the living area open out to the sun deck. Dade County Pine walls help remind you that this an old house even if it has all the conveniences of being nearly brand new. A window wall and crisp white crown molding are employed to add both light and tone down the impact of the old Dade County Pine walls. Note also the use of recessed ceiling lights throughout the house. Lamps are used as accent pieces and not as necessities.
The master bedroom is located at the left front. It has a door that opens out to the revamped original front porch.  The bedroom is quite large by Key West standards.  And it is beautiful to boot.
The master bedroom has an en-suite bath. The second bedroom is located just off a small hallway. The guest bedroom uses the Dade County Pine wall to remind us again that this is an old house and not some new house in suburbia anywhere in the country. 
You will see that the second or guest bedroom has quick access to the bath, but that bath doubles as the guest bath. It has a second entrance just off the small hall to provide more privacy. This home offers a lot of very thoughtful design and functionality.  CLICK HERE to view more photos I took of this really lovely home. (Click on any photo to enlarge.)  And, take two minutes to view the YouTube video below. 
CLICK HERE to view the Key West mls datasheet and listing photos.  1108 Packer is offered at $865,000. Now that you've see the pics and video,please call me Gary Thomas, 305-766-2642 to schedule your own personal viewing of this great Key West home.  Our office has the home next door at 1022 Packer Street for sale as well. It is offered at $1,875,000. Take a look at both.  1008 Packer Street has a lot to offer at a much lower price. I am a buyers agent and a full time Realtor at Preferred Properties Key West. Let me help you find your place in Paradise.


FloridaAG said...

Nice looking house. I walk by it a lot, it has all the Massachusetts signs hanging on the patio which always looks very inviting.

Anonymous said...

I love it! Perfect Key West get-away. And close to my favorite restaurant Flamming Bouy.

If I hit the Powerball Saturday, I'll be call you on Sunday Gary.

Thanks for blog. I so enjoy every entry and you insight. I great education on Key West real estate.

Anonymous said...

*your insight... & *It's a great education...

Sorry - fat fingers!

Gary Thomas said...

Thanks for your kind comments.

If this house were located four blocks to the north in the heart of
Old Town the asking price would probably be $1,200,000 or higher.

Buyers who want a bargain can still get one. They just need to open their minds to accepting alternate locations.


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