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Saturday, June 30, 2012

707 Southard Street - Key West Cottage - Back on the Market

707 Southard Street - Key West, Florida

This special little home at 707 Southard Street is located in the heart of Old Town Key West and is back on the market. (It's been on and off a couple of times since it was listed this spring.) You can't beat the location for convenience. Most of the neighboring homes are equally charming and certainly much pricier. The asking price will fit the budget of many buyers who want a simple getaway place: asking $565,000.

The house next door to the east
The listing Realtor describes this special property this way:
"The Quintessential Conch Cottage on one of the best blocks in the center of Old Town. Utterly charming. Relax on your front porch and watch the world go by. Just a block to Sarabeths and two blocks to Duval. Separate outdoor building houses the original kitchen. The interior was just updated with refinished bath with stone floors, new fixtures, completely repainted interior, refinished wood floors. Outdoor shower and laundry."
The funny thing is I walked by this house on Monday and thought to myself I wish a place like this or its neighbor on either side were for sale. All three look absolutely perfect. Serendipity, perhaps?

The roof is composed of two sawtooth gables plus a rear shed addition. The home is painted a bright white. The blue shutters contrast the white so perfectly that the resultant appearance is crisp and clean. The front porch provides an excellent perch for viewing the continual people parade. I can imagine sitting there sipping an iced tea greeting passersby as they say things like "I love your home!" or other such words of praise and envy.

The house itself is small, just 606 sq ft. The living area is quite spacious and tastefully designed. Six over six window provide light on the south and east walls. The master bedroom is located front west and when the bedroom door is open the filtered light from that room adds additional light to the living area. So what one might assume to be a small space actually appears quite large. There is a smaller second bedroom at the rear. Both bedrooms have private baths. The dining area is nestled between the main house and the historic cook house at the rear which is housed in a smaller building. The cool pool is located to the west of the cook house. What a delightful place to spend the spring, or summer, or fall, or winter, or the rest of your life. 707 Southard Street may be everything you need in a picture perfect setting and located near where ever you want to go. CLICK HERE to view photos I took of this charming cottage home.

Dade County Pine walls and ceiling plus six over six windows equal Key West Classic

Sophisticated but not stuffy

Master bedroom (above) master en suite bath (below)

The second bedroom (below) has private bath and a view of the darling pool

Dining is nestled between the main house and cook house

The cook house is located in a separate building at the rear
The pool
Sarabeth's is just a block away to the west. The Cafe Marquesa is a five minute walk. The Monroe County Library is around the corner: perhaps a three minute walk. Ten minutes if you stop to speak to neighbors. Five Brothers is located a couple of blocks east. You can be almost any place in Old Town within a five to fifteen minute walk. And that's why living here is so great. Your needs are less and they are fulfilled without a lot of to-do.

CLICK HERE to view the Key West Association of Realtors mls datasheet and to view the listing Realtors photos. Better yet, please call me, Gary Thomas, 305-766-2642 to schedule a visit to see this place. Don't wait. This cottage home is one of the lower priced ready to move in homes in Old Town offered at the price point where many buyers are prepared to buy. I am a buyers agent and a full time Realtor at Preferred Properties Coastal Realty, Inc.


Anonymous said...

Could the home inspections have anything to do with this great looking place always ending up back on the market?

Gary Thomas said...

No. The owner rents this home as a vacation rental. She takes it off the market so she will not interfere with the vacationer's quiet use and enjoyment of the home.

This cottage is near perfect as far as I could see. I did not notice any signs of deferred maintenance anywhere.


Anonymous said...

That makes perfect sense. Thanks for the clarification Gary.

Anonymous said...

That is a great selling point - and a great way to see the property. I think this is one of the cutest cottages in Old Town and I can't believe some smart buyer hasn't snapped it up yet. They will - and it will be a darn good investment too. Plus it is so charming andd cute.

Anonymous said...

Could the previous comment be anymore one sided? It's so obvious that you must be either the owner or the listing agent! With the lack of inventory in Key West these days, when a very good deal comes on the market people jump on it in no time at all. There has to be something wrong with this place for it to still be on the market at a price where most buyers are ready to make a move.

Gary Thomas said...

My response to the comment immediately above:

$565,000 is a lot of money. Not everybody has more than a half a million dollars to spend on a small cottage in Key West - no matter how cute it is. The potential buyers I showed this place to absolutely loved it, but they felt it was too small for their needs. I, on the other hand, see it as ideal for the buyer who wants a getaway place that oozes charm while providing simple shelter.

Please do not create tension on my blog and criticize either other writers or the houses I write about by inferring something is "wrong" with them. I previously wrote that I was forced to remove a blog because of negative comments like yours that offended an owner. Please be respectful of the opinions of others and state your peace without being offensive to others.

Thank you for understanding.


Anonymous said...


You are correct. I was wrong in saying what I did and I apologize to the owner, blogger and yourself. I very much enjoy your blog and will be more respectful in the future.


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